Monday, May 4, 2009

Thyroid Examination

Hi! Here are some little notes on the local examination of the thyroid gland. Like examination of other body organs the steps are:

  • Inspection:
    You cave to comment on the shape of any swelling that is visible, whether it moves up and down with deglutition or not (ask the patient to swallow). Also notice any visible pulsations.

  • Palpation: (Anterior and posterior approaches)
    You can apply both approaches or one of them. Comment on these items for any present swelling:
    Site, size, shape, consistency, tenderness, pulsations and thrills and wether you can identify the lower border or not.

    Thyroid examination video

    Another video on thyroid palpation

  • Percussion:
    Percussion of the manubrium sterni to detect if there's a retrosternal extension.

  • Auscultation:
    For arterial bruit.

Also, the thyroid gland or thyrotoxicosis examination should evaluate other signs such as the skin (hottness, sweating, etc) and of course the famous toxic eye signs (lid lag, Mobius sign, and Stellvag sign and others).