Sunday, November 9, 2008

Breath Sounds and Chest Examination

Hi, I hope these videos can help medical students to understand and hear the normal breath sounds, also a demonestration of the respiratory examination as well as the abnormal breath sounds that you may hear. The chest examination involve inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation of the chest. Other videos demonestrate the normal and abnormal breath sounds as well as added sounds.

A review of normal breath sounds : Bronchial and Vesicular sounds :

Chest Examination

Bronchial Vs. Vesicular sound

Adventitious Sound

Crackles Sound (very clear)

Crackles and wheezes Sounds
(abnormal breath sounds)

Click here for video

Lung Percussion (anteriorly)

Lung Percussion (Posteriorly)

I hope these information are useful to you, good luck :)


قليل من التفكير said...

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Mezo said...

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akshada said...

thanks for the useful information. i was really wondering how to differentiate d sounds ,these videos made it very easy thanks a lot .god bless u

omkar said...

thanks lot for all those videos.i was really wondering how to differentiate these sounds .the videos made it possible thanks a there anything for cns,cvs,per abd exam?