Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Benefits of eating apple and drinking apple juice

Here are some of the benefits of eating apple, some of them are known to many and some are not:

  • Some habits and foods can cause discoloration of teeth and bad breath odour. Apple, carrots and cucumber are known to whiten the teeth and also refresh the mouth helping get rid of bad mouth odour.
    Parsley is also known to have a similar effect.

  • It contains vitamin C as well as other anti-oxidant substances that are very beneficial for your body and immunity.

  • Apple contains many other vitamins and minerals which are good to your general health.

  • Apple and fruit juice contain vitamins but are less beneficial to your body as it contain no fibers and of course more sugar in it, so if you are considering weight loss, avoid drinking too much of them.

  • Apple contains fibers which are good for your digestive system. Fibers in fruits and vegetables such as apple and carrots also gives a sensation of satiety and fullnes and hence used as a weight loss technique in many diet systems.

  • Apple cider vinegar is said to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

  • Apple can lower serum cholesterol levels.

  • Studies have showed that apples may have a good anti-cancer, effect, too! (for more info check this article at BBC news.

So, apple contain vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, water, minerals and low calories; and these are just some of the benefits of eating apple.

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