Friday, December 26, 2008

Face Recognition, Pareidolia : A face in the clouds

Face recognition is the ability to recognize faces. Sometimes our brain tends to see faces in alot of things. An interesting psychological phenomenon called "Pareidolia". The brain can see/find faces in anything. Pareidolia is perceiving a vague stimulus (a tree,cloud) as specific one (a face, a person, a word, etc).

An excellent example of Pareidolia


You can clearly see a face here, too.

More face here at Dr.Deb's blog.

One famous example of pareidolia is seeing some religious symbols or words in clouds or other things.

Click here for ALOT of faces :)

More faces at Faces in Places.


Marissa said...

Pareidolia - Yay, I learned a new word! I experience this phenomenon way too often and I love the example photos. Thanks for the info. I gotta see the rest of them.

Mezo said...

thnx for your comment , Marissa :)