Monday, January 22, 2007

The Best Effective Weight Loss Plans

We are all looking for natural, healthy ways to lose weight. Always wondering : What is the best way to lose weight? However, most of us do it wrong, you excercise sometimes and hope to get a magical result in 2 days, some may follow a diet and starve themselves but still not losing weight in the way they desire, the reasons are too many.

1) Excercise:

successful weight loss programs should include excercise. Any type of regualar excercise will help you to lose fat and improve your health in general. Cardiac and hypertensive patients should avoid vigorous muscular excercises. For those patients and others, brisk walking for half an hour 3-5 times per week is enough.
All your body systems will benefit from excercise and it will help you lose fat. Try to motivate yourslef to exercise, more on weight loss motivation here.

2) Low Calorie Diets:

obvious and you may have tried it so many times, these diets have so many forms and differ in certain options according to each diet.

The problem is that so many people try these diets together with excercise but do not achieve the desired result. There are so many causes we may discuss in another article. The solution can be in modifying the diets in a special way or by using some natural substances called : fat binders or fat burning pills.

Fat binders are substances that bind to the fat molecules you eat making it unabsorbable.
Yes, you won't have to starve yourself, you can eat a normal meal and the fat binder will protect you from excess fat.

Some famous examples of known fat binders are Xenical and Proactol. The main problem with other drugs that they are : (Drugs!) They have side effects and can cause troubles.

Xenical and Proactol are natural fat binders. Although Xenical is proven to reduce fat consumption it has some side effects such as : headache, diarrhea, gall stones, hypoglycemia and urinary tract infections. Xenical is prescribed in certain countries only.

On the other hand, Proactol has no known side effects and is 100% safe. It has other health benifits such as :

  • A natural appetite suppressor.
  • Reductoin of blood cholesterol.
  • Improving joints flexibility.
  • Reduction in food cravings.
  • No known side effects.
  • Medical backing from the Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC, consumers can take Proactol confident in the knowledge that with its natural fat binder benefits on hand they can begin to lose a steady 1-2lbs a week with minimal exercise.

So, if you want to give your body a natural solution to weight loss, try Proactol and enjoy a healthier and risk-free life.